Valley SmurfsCups
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On this part of the website you can find everything about the SmurfsCups on Valley, which are organized by our TrackMania Valley adminteam.

Valley SmurfsCup #147

Tue. 19th November
20:00 CET
0 00 00 00
days hours mins secs

How to participate?

1.Check the playdates;
2.Train the cupmaps;
3.Join the server and play!

Valley SmurfsCup #146

Tue. 05th November
20:00 CET
1st - DemisVoyager006
2nd - Minimarine
3rd - Lars.o?

Valley SmurfsCup #145

Tue. 22nd October
20:00 CEST
1st - riolu!
2nd - Minimarine
3rd - DemisVoyager006

Valley SmurfsCup #144

Tue. 08th October
20:00 CEST
1st - Lars.o?
2nd - 】»Acidm!st ?
3rd - Marius89 

Current mappool

The following maps are in the current mappool for the SmurfsCups on Valley:

Mapname: » E
Author: gadoweldosd

Mapname: Quassadilla
Author: mabax

Mapname: Road to Hell A10
Author: tomhellrider1966

Mapname: Knight's Valley
Author: eyebo

Mapname: Countryside Expedition
Author: superal

Mapname: IchmagZüge
Author: react0506

Mapname: Risky Endeavors
Author: luk-t-obk