Royal SmurfsCups
Find all information about the Royal SmurfsCups here.

On this part of the website you can find everything about the SmurfsCups on Royal. The SmurfsCups on Royal are organized by our ShootMania adminteam.

Royal SmurfsCup #202

Sun. 20th August
20:00 CEST
0 00 00 00
days hours mins secs

Royal SmurfsCup #203

Sun. 27th August
20:00 CEST
0 00 00 00
days hours mins secs

How to participate?

1.Check the playdates;
2.Train the cupmaps;
3.Join the server and play!

Royal SmurfsCup #201

Sun. 13th August
20:00 CEST
1st - WOLF - Gamer0x 
2nd - Aurel
3rd - HYPE Smurf

Royal SmurfsCup #200

Sun. 06th August
20:00 CEST
1st - :(
2nd - IVAN
3rd - WOLF - Gamer0x 

Royal SmurfsCup #199

Sun. 30th July
20:00 CEST
1st - Melheck
2nd -   Ʀiѵ 
3rd - WOLF - Gamer0x 

Current mappool

The following maps are in the current mappool for the SmurfsCups on Royal:

Mapname: Kill town
Author: the-b-racer

Mapname: Royal - Goin
Author: hubble

Mapname: Royal - Count
Author: wohoohi

Mapname: Royal - Gunslinger by Ganyarider
Author: wohoohi

Mapname: Royal - StormFace
Author: der_rote_flitzer