Valley SmurfsCups
Find all information about the Valley SmurfsCups here.

On this part of the website you can find everything about the SmurfsCups on Valley, which are organized by our TrackMania Valley adminteam.

How to participate?

1.Check the playdates;
2.Train the cupmaps;
3.Join the server and play!

Valley SmurfsCup #83

Tue. 28th March
20:00 CEST
1st - eXeS| Marius89! E&W
2nd - Edge'ワоκея
3rd - AbbATH

Valley SmurfsCup #82

Tue. 14th March
20:00 CET
1st - »Ňеуиє¬Mad.doxSmurf
2nd - eXeS| Marius89! E&W
3rd - Voyager006

Valley SmurfsCup #81

Tue. 21st February
20:00 CET
1st - ѕтух
2nd - »Ňеуиє¬Mad.doxSmurf
3rd - eXeS| Marius89! E&W

Current mappool

The following maps are in the current mappool for the SmurfsCups on Valley:

Mapname: Maravilla
Author: neonova

Mapname: Bad Water
Author: sakhalin_sergey

Mapname: DirtySecret #2
Author: tcq

Mapname: Petrichor
Author: eyebo

Mapname: Rejuvenation
Author: willow-ne

Mapname: thing
Author: ben3847

Mapname: Renewal
Author: willow-ne